Joseph Cherry

Name Joseph Cherry Virtue Justice Proffession Socialite
Player Thomas Bulle Vice Lust Compact or
Chronicle Dripping Wax Concept Fucked up Fairytale Conspiracy Lucifuge
Intelligence 2 Strength 4 Presence 2
Wits 4 Dexterity 1 Manipulation 1
Resolve 3 Stamina 2 Composure 2
Academics 0 Atheletics 1 Animal Ken 0
Computers 0 Brawl 3 (Dirty Fighting) Empathy 0
Crafts 0 Drive 0 Expression 0
Investigation 4 (Body Reading) Firearms 0 Intimidation 0
Medicine 0 Larceny 0 Persausion 5 (Seduction)
Occult 3 Stealth 0 Socialite 2
Politics 0 Survival 0 Streetwise 2
Science 0 Weaponry 0 Subterfuge 4
Merits Castigation
Castigation (●●) Hellfire
Resources (●●) Familiar (Trixi)
Torture Suite (●)
Safehaven (●/●*)
Status Lucifuge (●●●)
Direction Sense (●)
Fighting Style: Social Maneuvers (●)
Library (●)

Joseph Ignatious Cherry was born and soon after orphaned, he’s never known why or who his real parents are. He was raised by a Orthodox Roman Catholic family. The Cherry Family had many skeletons in their closet, ironically one fo those skeletons was his father. Joseph’s father came out when Joseph caught him in the act one day. Soon after Joseph found out he was adopted and proceeded to have a non-incessitual relationship with his sister. His mother would drag them to church every Sunday, Cherry would look at the scene and think it was ignorant to the rest of the world but he none the less listened to the scripture… or atleast the parts he wanted to listen to. His mother remained oblivious to all the skeletons, constantly going out and doing ‘charity’ work as she called it (infact working for a newspaper that published talking about the evils of today). Eventually the family was disgraced, Joseph and his sister were kicked out of school for having sex on the principals desk, their father found ot to be having an affair with the local priest and their mother committing suicide. Cherry seldomn speaks to his Father since he moved to Bali, and his sister died whilst involved with the occult. Cherry was approached on his twenty third birthday by a man wearing a suit, he said that Cherry was more or less the son of the Devil. Cherry smiled, he had kind of expected it all along.

To maintain a strong hold over the Lucifuge in Melbourne and prove he is worth ascending the ranks, finding and getting as many women into bed a possible (provided they’re fine with a little bit of blood letting), he also has an interest in Ritualistic magic and hermetic lore but doesn’t wish to reveal this to the rest of the Lucifuge.

Virtue: Justice
Cherry has an innate sense of responsibility, he sees it as being better to redeem then to kill outright (even though he loves the fight), in order to stop himself from falling deeper into the depths of darkness himself he resorts more to trying to convince any creature, supernatural or otherwise, to fight against the darkness. His golden rule is that every creature deserves a second chance, no more.

Vice: Lust
Women are Cherry’s one true downfall, if working a scene of a hunt he will automatically side with a woman over a man even if he’s winking at the man whilst he has his back turned on the woman. He doesn’t do it because he believes they are in the right, just that he might be able to take them back to his place.

Flaw: Noriety
Cherry’s Noriety only exists in the Hunter community, his excentric style and chipper mood tend to make him noticible and people will often turn their back when he approaches with a smile on his face and an offer that ‘You simply couldn’t refuse’. The fact is though that they turn their backs because he usually lets the beast go at the end, this has made him quite unpopular with hunters who are all about the kill. The happy go lucky attitude can be incredibly annoying when he politely asks you to not cut off the beast’s head just yet, he’d like to have a chat with it first. This partnered with the fact that on occasions the targets he has let go often turn up murdered in a burtal manner have led to rumors he is ‘Stealing Kills’ so to speak. 

Flaw: Poor Sight
Cherry was born with poor eye sight, he constantly wears glasses to nullify the effects but without the glasses it is lucky if he can see more than twice the length of his arm infront of him. This is perfectly fine for him as he only needs to see the length of his arm to be able to punch someone’s lights out. This is one of the reason’s he has never taken to guns.

Morality: 5
On occasions Cherry slips up. He might, without thinking about it act in self defence and then loose it. This coupled with his sometime seedy acts of deception and trickery have forced him to fall below what some people might call ‘the bar’. In truth the only times he’s slipped below the bar was with a waitress, he may have snuck off afterwards with a few bottles of bubbly.

Derangement: Fetishism (Haemaphilia)
After baring witness to a suicide cult Cherry found himself finding a rather strange attraction to blood, be it drank from a glass after being mixed with wine or just dripping from a recently dead corpse. He finds it hard not to become arroused by it. If he sees a blood he actually has to fight the urge not to touch it and then taste it, often he will attempt to do so on the sly.

Tell: Sadistic
Though he is a gentleman, said in the loosest of terms, Joseph Cherry seemingly rejoices when it finally gets down to the kill. He’ll take his time decapitating a person, another favoured technique he has learnt is binding the intended quarry up and placing needles from a syringe into their major arteries to watch them bleed out (Sometimes he will catch the blood in a couple, mix it with wine and drink it whilst they try to escape).

Resources (●●<●●>)
He doesn’t usually admit to this lightly, infact he prefers not to talk about it at all but Cherry has an amatuer obsession with stage Magic. It’s not much but recently he’s gotten an on-going stage performance once a week that is enough to pay the bills, rent and pay for a few leasure items aswell. He also gains extra funding from the Lucifuge every once and a while.

Safe Haven (●/●) (Shared with Rose-mary)
Upon Cherry receiving a Child Ward to look after children’s services found it more appropriate that he should have a house more appropriate to nuturing a child. He was handed the keys to a larger appartment in the same area. There are Three rooms and a Terrace.
The main living area to which all three rooms connect has a kitchen attached to it, here is a red brick fireplace with mantle piece, above it hangs a mirror. Two chairs are placed a good two meters back from the fireplace. The large double doors that open up to the terrace are made out in a Victorian style, and placed in the middle of the far wall. Two windows are placed just above the wood pannelling on the deep red walls.
The Master Bedroom has bare brick walls draped with red fabric, There are no lights, instead the walls are lined with candles. Otherwise there is a bed adorned with red sheets and fluffed pillows. There is a large clock on the opposite wall from the bed, underneath it is an Alter with black velvet and a ceramic bowl.
The other Bedroom in the house is the only room not painted out in full deep reds. Instead it is a light pink, across the walls are thousands of eyes stairing blankley off into the distance from the porcalin heads of over twenty dolls. Below that is a book case filled with childrens books, the traditional ones, Grimm features prominently. There is a table in one corner that seems quite tall, on top of it sits a tea set and a Doll House pushed up into the back corner. A is placed just out of vision if you were standing in the door frame in the opposite corner. There is a bed side table with a night light on it. The sheets a light blue with small pictures of flowers on them.
The Terrace runs the length of the appartment building but has seperators between each appartment. There is a decent amount of space that doesn’t seem to have been utilized as yet.
The Final room is the Torture Suit (See Below)
Contents: Civilian Identification (pg 242 HtV), Truth Serum (pg 245 HtV), Handcuffs (pg 173 Armory), Sword Cane (pg 27 Armory), Security System, Advanced (pg 182 Armory)
Safe Haven Cont. (Security System, Advanced)
There are three cameras set up, one in the hall way and two in the actual appartment. They are high quality with Infrared recording Twenty Four hours a day backing up onto a server in the basement of the appartment block. The Basement itself is locked with a Variable Number Lock Keypad and is supposed to be used for storage which updates via Cherry’s Fog-watch, The same Keypad can be used to get throught he front door of the Appartment.

Torture Suite (●)
The room is not lit very well, all that can be seen is the faint outline of two chairs, One of them is a dentistry chair that appears to have been modified to have straps, the other chair looks to be a lot more comfortable. It isn’t a very intimidating surrounding though, the room is painted the same as the rest of the house and the only reason there isn’t more light is because the curtains are always drawn shut. Cherry is planning on tearing down the wood panelling and removing the carpet but just hasn’t got around to it yet.
Contents: Digital Polygraph, Dentist’s Chair, Syringes

Library (●)
Cherry has started a book collection on Heremetic Ritualism, the books are at the moment lined up against his livingroom wall near Rose-mary’s bedroom.

Status Lucifuge (●●●)
Joseph Cherry has not gained respect in the Lucifuge by hunting, nor prowess. Instead he happened to be the only Lucifuge in the area of Melbourne for a very long period of time so the sheer amount of tasks he was given from Milan were astounding. Sometimes he would falsify the information about what happened on the hunt and has only been investigated once for ligitimacy. His approval for extra funding came through just recently after his work fending off Demonic Activities at the suicide cult.

Joseph Cherry

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