Benjaimin Moon


Average height and build he’s got a very fidgity nature. His hair is a buzz of blonde and grey streaks, his sunburnt skin has dried and paled since his last contact with the sun. Very much a talker of the hands he will mumble to himself occasionally about Metaphysic theories that are long since debunked or things that might not even be grounded in proper science yet. He constantly refferences elventh dimentional theories and paralel universe seepages (which he constantly uses to explain paranormal phenomina). It is hard to ignore his long fingers, square jaw and mustache which are often very close to each other as he ponders what ever he is looking at, whether it is a dead ‘animal’ of unknown origin or an equation trying to explain why the man in the bowler hat that just walked in can throw fire out of his hands, obviously it’s has seeped from a elventh dimentional wormhole created by electro-magnetic impulses of the brain… the seeping must occur just above the surface of the skin and it could be a mere explosion of plasma. He says other in his family can do it, so maybe it’s a genetic enhancement… how amazing that the human race could evolve to conscious control of universal laws.


Benjaimin Moon was born during a period of time in Australia when football was the rules and if you didn’t have a sports team that you supported you were obviously a homosexual. He was called Moon more often then Ben in highschool because of his round glasses. He became a member of the chess group, the debating team and eventually became Captain of Education, but still he was not respect. He constantly had to hide the amount of books he read because people found his fascination with human anatomy more interesting then sports. He went into university with a high aptitude for medicine but soon lost interest and moved into Physics. He excelled and finally gained a PhD Mastering in Metaphysics, it was here that he met his wife, a Volcanologist called Penelopy. Where as he was very reclusive she was advenurous and took him around the world. Eventually they came back after seeing the whole world when one night a phonecall came from Penelopy’s parents. Penelopy’s parents had been attacked, returning home to a two coffin funeral they swore that they’d find out what happened but when Police stopped investigations due to insubstantial evidence. This is when Benjaimin first tried to explore strange physics, this got both Penelopy and Benjaimin exiled from common Science circles but a Scientist known only as Madame Vinter extended an arm to them and introducted them to Null Mysteriis. With funding from a unknown source through Madame Vinter and helped with the purchase and reconstruction of Null Mysteriis University. Soon with the discoveries that they were making whilst working to explain the paranormal Benjaimin himself became paranoid of leaving the university. He now spends most of his days in a research lab only coming out to give lectures on advanced physics. He has ties to a pharmacutical company called ACG (Australian Cherion Group) who often supply him with resources such as chemical bi-products and equitment. Recently his wife Penelopy has gone missing, he still refuses to leave the basement laboratory.

Benjaimin Moon

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