Gregory Libertia


He stands a little bit taller then the average man with a rather skinny frame, he constantly leans on on his walking cane as he walks which he is rarely seen without. There is nothing fantastic about his appearance, he is more or less completely average. His clothes are bland and casual with no trade marks or patterns just plain clothes. He favours a plain t-shirt, black jacket and pants combination rather than anything to fancy. His hair is messy but kempt, his stubble varies in length depending on what day it is. But the second he opens his mouth you know your in the presence of The Voice.


Gregory Libertia grew up in a very liberal family, he had the perfect childhood and was given most of the things he could have to his heart content. But that was only because his parents had always felt guilty, he was born with a gimp leg that meant that from a young age he either had to wear a brace on his leg or walk with a cane. When he got to high school he was given the option of having an operation to fix it. He instead told his parents to keep the money and bought a walking cane. He went to do a media course in university where he joined a Ghost Hunting group out of general interest. He became inspired when he heard the WHO Broadcast for the first time and quickly jumped on board to try and get involved. But soon when he got into contact with WHO 616AM he was given the job of annoucer after the last one had an unfortunate accident involving a Vampire, a Manhole Cover and decapitation. He was quickly inducted into the rest of Network Zero and told he had big shoes to fill. He told them he probably wouldn’t fit but he’d try none the less.

Gregory Libertia

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