There are a few minor factions within Melbourne that are no bigger then a fistful of people that only have themselves to last the Vigil. Some of them act as Independants, others act as unit. These are a list of just a few that live and act in and around the Melbourne area.

The Graveyard Shift

The Graveyard Shift are a group of Hunters that work in cemetaries, they have no other duty then to make sure that the dead don’t rise. There have been more then several occasions in Melbourne when either Vampires or Cults have been involved that the dead rose only to meet a shovel to the head or a shotgun to the chest, thanks to the Graveyard Shift of course.

Notible Members

George Plunkett – The hardened leader, grey beard often seen wandering the graveyard with a Shovel in one hand and a sneer across his face.

Todd Myers – A Metro who has a habit of hanging around graveyards that accidentally joined the Graveyard Shift.

The Cafe Meer

It’s no secret that Melbourne is famous for their Cafe’s. The Cafe Meer is a Cafe that has discovered how easy it can be to get extra customers if they can have special blends. This hunter Cell isn’t actually out to hunt Monsters, just raid them. Whether it be Changlings Hedge Fruits, A Witches Herb Garden or even the occasional Werewolf Hunting ground for what ever rare things they have stashe around. Of course everything goes directly into profits. So to say this group of interesting waiters, bakers and Micheal the Manager.

Notible Members

Micheal Barber – The thrill seeking manager who’s constantly plotting more ways to increase revenue.

Wendy Miles – The head waitress at Cafe Meer who has a small criminal record and an affair with the Manager, of which his wife had recently found out.

Kelly Foles – The jealous waitress who secret has a crush on the Micheal and is constantly trying to impress him by doing more than her share of work.

WHO Broadcast 61.6AM

The WHO Broadcast is an offshoot from Network Zero, they work every night at 3am for as long as the Broadcast can be sent. They gather information about hunts and don’t ever do any more than that. They will struggle for information from Google Groups, Message Boards and Street Talk. But they are always aware of the seconds counting down till the next broadcast, because that is the time that they spread the word. If you tune in at 3am to 61.6 then you will hear the Voice of WHO. Awards are given out to Hunters who have proven to achieve good things, warnings are told to people new to the hunt, but there is so much more. WHO will tell Hunters about paranormal activities, give tips on hunts and have interviews with other hunters.

Notible Members

Voice of WHO – The Host of the show who refuses to go by any other name than that, it is rumored he is crippled and rarely leaves the studio.

Rupert Muldote – A happy go lucky journalist constantly with a notepad in one hand and a pen in the other.

Angela Weary – Forum patroll expert sometimes has been accused of being too mean about what is considered ‘good taste’, and often accused of not having good taste herself.


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