Not all Compacts have made it across the seas to Melbourne, but a lot have made it to Australia and down to the Epicenter of Occult Activities. However politics in Melbourne tend to be a little more shakey then might first be expected, especially as there is a new kid on the block.

The Long Night

The Long Night as a whole is usually pretty scattered but not in Melbourne, the sect has set up in a single institute and tries to isolate themselves from society whilst purging it at the same time. They are lead by their fearless leader, Brother Isaac DeMorea a man with enough conviction to make a man think his orange juice was going to kill him. He leads personal vendettas against the night holding an age old grudge against Vampires, and more recent ones against The Blackfire Institute.

Null Mysteriis

After converting a large Mansion in Toorak the vast majority of Null Mysteriis works in the aptly named Null Mysteriis University. They work together to try and research any paranormal activity and find rational explanation, though with a head mistress like Madame Vinter who seems to be the perfect envisionment of a silent nightmare and a head of education like Proffessor Benjiamin Moon then there is no hope for rational thinking.

Network Zero

Network Zero acts the same in Melbourne as it would anywhere else, student groups and wannabe journalists make up the largest section of them. But this doesn’t mean that sub-groups like the WHO Broadcast don’t exist. However a new up and comer has really made headlines of late, a Hacker called Pedro Makki has no other choice but to hack into television stations and broadcast his material. I mean seriously, how else is everyone going to see it?

The Ashwood Abbey

Inbetween Ashburton and Burwood is a little suburb that has sometimes gone unnoticed, except of course to the Abbey. Under the guidance of the deviant miss Kate Blackheart the Ashwood Abbey maintains a certain level of joviality and sensuality. When you enter the Abbey you first see the fine books, the dinner table set and everything so perfectly nice. But after a while you see the chains attached to the wall, the stranger meats of the meal appear not to have come from any normal animal and there is something odd about the smell, almost like sweat and funk mixed with insence.

The Loyalists of Thule

Without drawing too much attention to themselves they have set themselves up in antique stores across Melbourne, the major one however is in Camberwell. VanHutch Antiques is the centre for all of the Loyalists of Thule in Melbourne, it is run by a short Dutchman with a pot belly and a face that slopes into his chest. But nobody mentions that Johun VanHutch might have something of a weight problem to because of his temper and stutter. Not because it’s bad, it’s just too hallarious to watch to keep a straight face around him ever again.

The Blackfire Institute

The Lucifuge has very little sway in Melbourne, there is infact only a single Member of the Lucifuge, Joseph Cherry. In order to maintain some stronghold in Melbourne, Cherry gathered together who he saw as the finest people willing to hunt the night but at the same time seek redemption. This formed The Blackfire Institute, which is sometimes called the ‘Biggest Cancer Cell’. The Blackfire Institute sees it more important to reform evil than obliterate it, so in their ranks already are Vampires, Psychics and other Creatures of the night who have been ‘Redeemed’. This has made them very unpopular in Hunter Circles. It has also caused groups like The Long Night to actually make a crusade against them, labelling them as the enemy.


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