For Melbourne there are more than just monsters hiding in the darkness, there is far more than that in the dark though. Behind the curtains of night time are the conspiracies of man. Some are virtually unknown to Hunters in Melbourne, but others a near common names where the name Conspiracy is a Joke.

Task Force: VALKYRIE

It is a well known fact that Task Force VALKYRIE is a organisation based in the United states. However in 1970 a very disgruntled unit was set the job of making sure that nothing big happened in Australia. They failled at first and Cornel Jack Sparda who was in command of the unit decided that they would increase forces and continue with the cover up. Soon enough everyone believed that Mount Kosciuszko had always been there. Jack Sparda has since moved his attention to Melbourne following a series of incidents pertaining to a Doctor who appears to have outlived his lifetime, several times over. The case is on going…

The Cheiron Group

Whilst acting as normal, The Cheiron Group has only ever been more settled here because they have managed to stay out of the press. Whilst in America they had huge hype the Australian branch recieved no such media attention meaning that they grew even more sinister in their plans and a little more sloppy with their media leaks, of course nothing ever reached headlines. Field Project Divisions are headed up by Jacob Markus MacBern, who dispite being a fantastic Field agent himself has always given a somewhat excentric flare to his job, he believes the Morals are something to keep up in a business such as Cheiron. But it’s hard to laugh with his brand of black Humour.

Aegis Kai Doru

The Aegis Kai Doru have been very strange presence in Melbourne, they tend to keep to themselves and are rather secretive. It is uncertain who they’re actual leader is, some people have spread rumors that it is the Lord Mayor himself. What everyone does know is that they built their Labrynth underneath the State Library, even though no-one has actually seen it appart from the members of Aegis Kai Doru. Everyone knows the Library used to be a Museum and that alot of things went missing when things were transported to the new Museum but really, very little is known.

Ascending Ones

The Ascending Ones have a giant scene in Melbourne, down in the docklands they run warehouses and shipping yards that are of course used completely legitimately and never have any illegal drugs travelling through. The ring leader Lackvinda Hinmessi is an Indian man who converted to the Muslim faith when he came to Australia, he isn’t very strict and takes a more Buhdist or Hindu approach to the entire thing. Everything is about enlightenment, attainning perfection within himself and in his craft and sales, naturally.

Malleus Maleficarum

The presence of the Malleus Maleficarum is minute in comparison to other areas, not quite as desolate as the presence of the Lucifuge which is so insignificant that it is not worth mentioning. A consortium of Priests gather Monthly at St. Patrick’s Cathedral to discuss areas of Melbourne that might need looking at or other assorted business. The group consists only of a handful of Priests and a single Nun but is lead by the enigmatic Father Dominic Quale who is very open to the new thoughts that the church might need to look at. But to him, everything is Black and White. The only grey area he allows is, oddly enough, The Blackfire Institute.

The Family Ward

An Ancient group that have really only begun to open their doors in Melbourne recently the Family Ward are actually a long line of hereditary occultists who have learnt a secret language passed down from their great ancestors. They claim lineage back to Solomon, King Arthur and John Dee. The head of the Family in Melbourne is a man named Henry Ward, though in his old age he has started teaching his grand daughter Penelopy about how to run the family, much to the dislike of the rest of the family.


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