Custom Material

Whilst pooling together resources to make Dripping Wax as Dymnamic as possible custom Merrits, Dread Powers and many other things have been developed. Also with the development of two new Hunter organisations new Merrits that associate with them aswell as Endowments. Also trying to make Melbourne more unique then an average city special merrits were created for the purpose of creating more atmos. Enjoy.

Demonic Classifications

A Closer look at Demonic Classifications as written by Joseph Cherry, head of the Blackfire Institute. Click here to read more

New Merrits

A list of merrits made especially for the Melbourne setting, some are inparticularly for Melbourne others are just created for it but can be used elsewhere. Click here to read more

New Endowments

Melbourne has it’s own addition for most of the Conspiracies that exist within it’s boundries. Click here to read more

Custom Material

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