Demonic Classifications

Classifactions of Daemonic Entities as written by Joseph Cherry

Author’s Notes:

Alright my friends, I say friends loosely, I’m writing to let you know my views on those things you call Demons. Their blood runs through my veins and I think I have a fairly good experience with them in the past. So I will start to say that we can classify demonic activity into different categories but we can’t really say that any one demon is any particular one thing. We could have one demon who partakes in multiple things, the same way you might like to drink Whiskey and Vodka. So might I start by saying that not all creatures that possess Demonic Powers are Demons, I for one have Demonic Powers but I am not a Demon. So it would be wrong to use the following information to track down and terminate the existence of anything, this is merely so you have a better understanding.

Weaver Daemons

The Weavers are among the most illusive, they place things in motion but never put themselves into the light of day. They might move a stick in the forest so you can step on it to alert a man with a gun who’s trailing you or they could change things in your day so you end up meeting someone who you later marry and bare child with. It’s hard to say what they are working towards but Weavers gain their name from the idea of being involved in a weaving fate. They like to think they are in control, puppet-masters if you will of Humanity. Some say they have a diabolical purpose but they aren’t all working for the same cause, it is easy to see how the Catholic or Christian Faith could be based purely on the actions of the Daemons. Saying they are Evil is hard, just as much as saying they are Good, until we know their final goal, we will never know.

(New Dread Power: Fate’s Eye <see>)

Grenal Daemons

From the simple Imp to a Troll under a bridge the idea of a creature that throws things out of whack or purely exist to get in your way and pester you. No real final goal apart from the disbenefit of mankind the Grenal will hide your keys, tempt you do wrong by whispering into your ear, or just try to frighten you. Perhaps looking for a way to stuff up the balance and order the Humans have or retain some form of Chaos in this world they are Gremlins and Goblins in the night. They might be small or human sized, they take many forms but in the end they are chaotic and dysfunctional, not to say they aren’t methodical in their approach some times taking years to slowly drag someone down into insanity or paranoia.

(New Dread Power: Trickstery <see>)

Tantril Daemons

Tantril I’ll admit is a word I made up to describe these creatures of darkness, but it is taken from Tantra. These beings are sensual and feed of the energies of sexual intimacy. I’ve encountered a few of these in my time, and seldom do they have mal-intent, unless of course you are saving yourself for after Marriage. Common names for the ‘evil’ of this division are Succubi or Incubi, but these names should only be given to those who actually drain the life out of the victim or take the energies against the will of the other participant. Some have certain fetishes, blood is a common one and might accidentally kill the person they are feeding from. But generally they can control it and are merely trying to survive. I suggest you give them a try sometime, especially if you’re alone. Some are even interested in marriage, as I said I know afew and could hook you up, see the number on the back of this book if you’re interested.

(New Dread Power: Sensual Feeding <see>)

Imperial Daemons

There are a lot of creatures in the world, most of which are solitary and others travel in groups by choice. The Imperial are not traveling by choice together, they work together as a cluster or sometimes an Army. A group of Scarabs that rushes towards a victim and sucks the life out of them or a group of Imps (where the name is drawn from) that work quickly to achieve their goal. The Imperial will know the power of numbers and can in most circumstances only survive in a group, much like Hunters. But this isn’t to say they are always small, Triad Entities composed of three parts might be all three be human sized but work with a single mind. Often the Imperials work within the boundries of a different group as well, Weavers and Slarving are the most common.

(New Dread Power: Hive Mind <see>)

Atache Daemons

A ‘Familiar’ if you will the Atache is a servant or underling to another. Enslaved or indebted they serve their ‘master’ without question, not to say they always enjoy it. It is interesting in these cases though because you cannot simply blame the Atache for it’s actions as it’s will is impugned by the Master. So in a matter of fact the Atache is an extension of other entities, merely with different personalities. Some choose this life, others are forced into it. Solomon was said to have enslaved many Demons to do his work and build his temples, forming his own Imperial in some respects. However some Atache have ways to be released an will work towards this without the knowledge of their master. But an Atache without a Master is just another creature of the night, what separates Atache is the simple connection otherwise they belong in another category.

(New Dread Power: Actually no there isn’t because this is pretty much just Familiar but it was important to be covered for the fiction)

Posar Daemons

The Posar are far from being simple creatures, they are amoung the most manipulative of creatures and most of them do it all for the wrong reasons. They are possessors and mind controllers, some wish to merely experience human emotions but in doing so damage the mind of their host. Others wish to ruin the life of something or someone who has upset them, possessing them and making them do things they wouldn’t otherwise do. Posars are very hard to be allowed in the category of ‘Good’ under common philosophical debates unless a pact is first made for shared possession of a body. There has been one case I was sent to investigate where the victim of a Posar was actually brain dead but the Posar could allow his body to interact with the parents to some extent. However ‘moral’ it might be the Posar was doing a service, from this gained complete control of the body afterwards but it was spreading hope and continued to do so afterwards. So we can’t jump down the throat of every Posar even though we don’t have to agree with what they do, some people enter into it knowing what’s happening and do so willingly. It will be their actions that will send them to hell and not the way in which they go about it.

(New Dread Power: Merge Souls <see>)

Fraudian Daemons

Often only after the souls of the innocent the Fraudian are by nature the knowledge collectors of the dark. They stand at cross roads waiting for someone to make a wish, they will give you something in return for something else. A memory, a secret, several years of their life; all depends on how much they are asking for in return. A Fraudian might find it hard to depict normal currency as they derive pleasure and human experience from what they are taking off the Victim. Some cultures call them D’jinn and others call them Angels. They are essentially being that will give something if something is given in return. Like Mary was given prophecied child at the expense of the reputation of her family, or a perfect example lies in the story of Faust. But Fraudians are often considered to be tricky and it is very important to watch how you word things around them or they will pounce like a carefully posed Lawsuit.

(New Dread Power: Faustian Pact <see>)

Slarving Daemons

Hard to justify their actions as anything other then malicious Slarvings are merely jealous in a word of Good. They attack people who are doing particularly good, insight doubt or fear into their heart about what they are doing in their life. How the Devil tempted Jesus in the desert, and how the church tempts me with redemption. Slarvings are the little voice in your ear that says ‘It’s not worth it’ or the giant disaster that makes you wonder why you even bother. Many people get torn down by these creatures and do not even know about it. They are a pure entropy driven force that wants only to degrade society and especially inparticular people. Like the Weavers they will at times latch onto people but their aim is very different then a Weaver who’s goals are unknown, these are clearly out of spite, they will reduce a man meant for presidency into a dribbling baboon (not making accusations myself of course). These are the creatures that could turn Superman into a homeless drunk rather then a shining paragon of society.

(New Dread Power: Degradation <see>)

Markial Daemons

With a similar method as the Slarvings, Markial beings will only look to do one soul thing, usually attaching themselves to a single person. However they don’t wish to degrade the person only to open their eyes. Some of you may have met a Markial creature, one that believes that everything should be seen. There might be a fair few who have tried to infiltrate some of the Compacts, especially Network Zero. Markial beings wish to draw people in to knowing the darkness. This isn’t to say they are doing it for that key reason alone, a visage appears infront of man and tells him that he is Chosen might mean that he is being shown the wrong truth. Some Markial creatures will reveal only certain facts, like revealing a group of to someone capable of killing them only because they were taking roost in their ‘Haunt’. But alone they tend to make people see more then what is there, see through the eyes of the beast so to speak. This could be to better understand it, or as some have hypothesized, it could be to gain sympathy for what they do.

(New Dread Power: Shared Experience <see>)

Fate’s Eye (· to ·····)

Cost: 3 willpower and 1 Lethal Damage Action: Instant Dice-pool: Resolve + Composure + Fate’s Eye Effect: The Monster is able to re-arrange the timeline in some way, usually turning it backwards if only just for a few minutes. This however damages the monster sufficiently that they cannot re-write history with it only hope to change things that have happened briefly before. Roll Results Dramatic Failure: The Monster is thrown around in time and space winding up far away from where they were originally and gravely injured taking an additional 3 damage to their health or corpus and with no Willpower left. Failure: The monster fails to do anything. Success: The monster quickly re-arranges the timeline with what ever is in its power, anything that could be changed in that time. This means that it is as if anything else would have happened as normal but the monster is able to change their actions (This can mean that they will pick up and move an object that someone has grabbed before they’ve grabbed it and the person in that time will still reach for the place that it was thus not picking it up). The amount of turns allowed to be traveled into the past is equal to the amount of successes. Exceptional Success: No difference from normal success.

Trickery (· to ···)

Cost: N/A Action: Instant Dice-pool: Manipulation + Presence Effect: The monster performs a small trick that cannot physically do anything but is enough to amaze, scare or irritate. Such as making an object disappear or changing what someone’s reflection does in the mirror. The size or scope of the Trickery is determined by the level, first level could be as simple as setting your hand on fire (not that the fire would burn) where level three might be making all the doors and windows in a room disappear from sight (though physically they would still be there). Roll Results Dramatic Failure: No different from a normal failure. Failure: The monster’s trick fails and cannot be attempted again this scene. Success: The monster’s trick become activated and it takes on an appropriate scope, depending on the amount of level of Trickery the defenses anyone in range of the Trickery will be subjected to a penalty equal to that of the level of Trickery on an allocated type of roll (E.G. Searching a room for clues is harder when the room is replaced with different version of itself –3, as apposed to being seduced by a man who pulls a rose out from behind your ear would be –1 to the defense) Exceptional Success: The scope of the Trickery can be doubled (maximum of five) allowing houses to disappear or an illusion of a dead loved one appears before you.

Sensual Feeding (···)

Cost: 1 Willpower Action: Instant Dice-pool: Manipulation + Presence Effect: The monster will feed off the sexual energies of those around them in order to repair any dysfunction in their bodies. For some monsters this may be the only way they know how to repair themselves, completely lacking an immune system. The energies can be as low as kissing or as high as group sex but none the less they can feed off it as long as it lasts. They do however have to be partaking in the act itself though. Roll Results Dramatic Failure: The activity starts to hurt the monster causing them to bleed and gain cuts on their body. For every turn they stay in the area where sexual activity is taking place they take one point of lethal damage. Failure: Nothing happens Success: For every quarter hour now that the monster is partaking in the activity they heal as if given a full nights rest. When the activity has finished the Sensual Feeding does as well even if only for a moment. Exceptional Success: Same as regular success.

Hive Mind (· to ·····)

Cost: N/A Action: Constant Effect: A hive mind consists of the same amount of monsters as it does have Hive Mind Dot Points. All member of the Hive Mind can be separate but know exactly what the others in their Hive are doing anywhere on the planet, and multiple Hive Minds can be set up making groups over lap. However the newest entry to a Hive Mind must pay for the last Dot Point (E.G. Terance wants to make a Hive Mind with Loren, so Terance pays for the First Dot whilst Loren pays for the second. Then Waldo comes into the picture, to increase the Hive mind he has to pay for the Third Dot in the Hive Mind.) This however does not mean they share complete knowledge, they will merely know the location of the others within their hive, not what they are doing or gain any of their skills. However by expending 1 Willpower point they can send off a ‘flare’ on the Hive Mind alerting other members of the Hive to trouble or danger.

Merge Souls (····)

Cost: Willpower 3 Action: Contested Dice-pool: Presence + Resolve vs Resolve + Composure Effect: The monster merges with the target being able to control their body as they see fit. After the initial action the monster must expend one permanent Willpower dot until exercised or if the target dies. Roll Results Dramatic Failure: The monster is unable to try and Merge Souls with it’s target again. Failure: The monster fails in possessing the creature Success: The target is suddenly merged with the monster, their actions are not always under their control and must struggle to keep themselves from falling prey to it’s whims. (This works much the same as the Multiple Personality Derangement in terms of Character statistics now as well). At any point the monster can try to emerge with another contested roll from the same dice pool however now they do not need to expend any cost on doing so. Exceptional Success: No different to regular success.

Faustian Pact (··)

Cost: 1 willpower and Special* (see below) Action: Instant Dice-pool: N/A Effect: At any time this monster can make a bargain and ask for something in return of a metaphysical nature, this can have any of the following effects: Increase Humanity or equivalent, Increase a skill level, gain knowledge of certain areas, Increase the life of the monster. But what ever the monster gains the target looses, in order to make this work the Faustian Pact must have something in it to sweeten the deal of course. Usually in order to convince the person they must first give something or swap an ability for it. They might give a mortal person a Dread power that they have in place of three years of their life, but this would mean that monster could no longer use that Dread Power. In short a Faustian pact is an exchange of things that are not usually exchangeable, however anything in the pact can be interpreted as the monster sees fit, however this is only at the time of the deal and cannot be changed later.

Degradation (· to ·····)

Cost: 1 Willpower Action: Instant Dice-pool: Composure + Presence vs. Resolve + Composure Effect: The monster is able to inhibit the target’s virtue in some way, usually it isn’t that bad however the more Dots of Degradation that the monster has the more grand the scale is and thus the longer it will effect them. Also during this time it is impossible for the target to regain willpower via their Virtue, it can only be done through their Vice. Roll Results Dramatic Failure: The opposite occurs from what is normal, the monster instead of weakening the target’s Virtue in fact strengthens it and inhibits their Vice. (E.G. The conversation with the Mayor that was supposed to make him feel like his cause was hopeless instead empowers him with so much hope that he can take down the mayor that he doesn’t care if his pride gets a battering as he makes accusations to the press.) Failure: Nothing Happens. Success: The monster manages to inhibit the target’s virtue for an Equal amount of Scenes as Dot points in Degradation, the above rules stated in Effect apply during this time. The staunch priest sits down wondering why he even bothered to try and stop the youths from fornication in the first place and turns to alcohol as a form of relief. Exceptional Success: No different from regular.

Shared Experience (···)

Cost: 1 Willpower Action: Instant Dice-pool: Manipulation + Resolve Effect: The Monster passes on knowledge provided they have some form of connection with the person, be it a piece of their hair or a direct connect as in Family. The Monster passes on images from their mind to their Target which must be within twenty-five yards of the monster. Roll Results Dramatic Failure: The monster instead of sending a clear message is over come with a very large amount of pain as their thoughts start to double over eventually the message sends but is so scrambled that it hurts the mind of the target. For the rest of the scene both monster and target take a –1 penalty on all their rolls. Failure: The monster fails in sending any type of message or vision to the target. Success: The monster is able to send a message or vision to the target in the form of sounds, visual stimulus or other senses which last for as many turns as success before it fizzles up and disappears. This may mean the message is incomplete. Exceptional Success: The Monster is able to make a clear link with the target and can continue showing the images or messages for the rest of the scene or until they choose to stop.

Demonic Classifications

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