Loyalists of Thule

Ye Olde Knowledge Mafia

When the VanHutch family bought an antique store in Camberwell they bought it not only for to eventually try and gain the monopoly but also gain access to the lower levels of any antique shop where they can store as much knowledge and books as possible. Also every once and a while something will come through their hands that is just like the holy grail of occult knowledge. Present day the VanHutch Family owns a large line of Antique stores all of them secret headquarters of the Loyalists of Thule. The current head is of the Loyalists in Melbourne is Johun VanHutch.

Every fortnight the Loyalists will get together and they will lead a session on any information they have. They collect information and funnel it out to many different sources, most of their sources go to the WHO Broadcast or any organisation that needs it. Working closely with the Family Ward they find solid ground together in the ideas of the power in words.

Notible Members

Johun VanHutch – The ‘oversized’ head of the VanHutch Antique stores

Esmerelda VanHutch – Johun’s constantly complaining wife

John Locke – An antiques dealer who having a near death experience involving a knife and a toaster wanted to find out more about the supernatural.

Ophelia Marl – A Quiet bookworm girl with a knack for ancient civilizations.

Libia Libertine – Grave theif, pilferer and artifacts dealer, (Hoping to join Aegis Kai Doru.)

Melbourne Stereotypes

Ashwood Abbey: I helped out their leader, Kate, pick out some chairs to go with their Abbey. I don’t understand why she asked how easy it was to clean stains of them until I heard a little more about them. No special prices and prised items are marked up if they are from the Abbey. We will only give them information if we are sure they can’t do anything irresponsible with it.

Network 0: Yes, Network Zero often comes knocking on our doors. I do enjoy their company though they seem to have a strange approach to it all. Why are they trying so hard to blow it open when they could be helping the fight in so many other ways.

Null Mysteriis: They’ve set up a school for the closed minded, yes they seem more liberal here than they do in their newspapers I’ve seen lying around. But why do they need things they can see with their own eyes to be proven with science.

The Long Night: They have many different views from us, a strict mind is something we can’t afford to have in either business. The thing they see as a long night is a fight against the end of the world, for us a long night is translating ancient texts. So tell me who did the better work?

The Blackfire Institute: The new kids, on the block. I do admire their methodologies, such ambition. But I guess we’ll have to see how it goes.

Task Force VALKYRIE: We really have very little to do with these mystery men. We did come across some irregularties though that seemed to link back to them, especially to do with an incident with a New South Wales mountain range.

The Cheiron Group: Personally I don’t like their Field Projects Devision, they have very little respect, even for other hunters. It is one thing to blank a vampire you are about to stake but it’s another to ignore recommendations from other Hunters.

Aegis Kai Doru: I’d admit we do alot of business with them, but to say it was good business is not true. They have alot of arrogance about what they do, as if they are the only ones who deserve to have an ancient artifact. They even steal them from us every once and a while.

Ascending Ones: Who?

Malleus Maleficarum: Respectable, reliable, easily identifiable. We have talks with them regularly. We’ve even gone on a hunt or two with them.

The Family Ward: The Ward Family, they are fantastic friends of ours. The VanHutches and the Wards go way back. We give them books every once and a while, they’ve shown us the powers of words. We work so similarily it is uncanny, just somehow I feel… We’re not as good a crafter of words as them.

Loyalists of Thule

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