New Merrits

Mental Merrits

Psychopath (●●● or ●●●●)

Prerequisits: Only avalible on Character Creation.

Effect: Your character does not percieve human beings as anything more than a sentiant objects. This means that their Morality code is different then a normal human being. Psychopaths can react to a dead human the same way they might a broken lawn chair, with a disgruntled amount of anger that they can no longer fulfill their purpose rather then having to make a Resolve + Composure check to stop themselves from having an emotional response (Whether it be throwing up, running away, becoming hysterical or what). This also means that the greatest sin in their eyes is that of mass property damage, any harm they inflict upon another person in their eyes is wilfull destruction of property making it near impossible for them to fall below the normal level. A psychopath however does have family and friends, if they attack one of these people the normal moral code implies.

Drawback: Being a psychopath means not being very empathetic to others needs, it also means that their views of other people are often skewed. A Psychopath cannot have any of their Social skills above that of their Subterfuge in which they use to create a mask of humanity. They also cannot ever gain more than three dots in Empathy no matter what their Subterfuge is. However as stated a psychopath can percieve a human in the same way they do an object, this can mean in some circumstnces that they can see objects as people. An old toy they have can be a person in their eyes, a favourite jacket could be more important then the life of the person who spilt a drink on it. This means that they treat those objects as people on a normal Morality rating; however if purchased as a four dot merrit this does not apply.

Social Merrits

Dance Style: Sexual Tease (● to ●●●●)

Prerequisites: Presence ●●●, Socialize ●●, Atheletics ●, Stamina ●

Effect: Your character has spent a long period of time at clubs or practicing the art of dancing in a manner that not just provokes the attention of the victim but also manages to get a sexual reaction out of them.

Dots purchased in this Merit allow access to special dancing moves. Each maneuver is a prerequisite for the next. So, your character can’t have “Grind” until she has “Flaunt.” The maneuvers and their effects are described below. All of the following maneuvers work only with bows.

Flaunt (●): You have learnt to flaunt one of your aspects that is inparticularly attractive, whether it be breasts, but or arms (and in some strange circumstances other things). For any part of the scene that you have been dancing in you gain a +1 on any seductive rolls.

Grind (●●): Your character has perfected a way to target a single person whilst in the process of dancing that allows you to provoke more than a normal sexual reactions. The Targeted person that your character is ‘Grinding’ up against suffers a -2 on any social rolls made towards him for the rest of the scene.

Excentuate (●●●): Far beyond flirting you have now learnt a way to not just show off by excentuate you’re good features. The thing is that now everyone in the room is paying attention to you. But to get this working properly takes a little bit to pull off then your regular dance move, 1 Willpower must be expended to activate this; however for the rest of the scene everyone in the room gains a -1 for every time the move is pulled off with a maximum of -3. If people enter the after the move is pulled then it does not affect them.

Entice (●●●●): At this point within the dance you have the ability to completely immobilise the person you are dancing with. If you manage to make three consecutive contested rolls against the target and they will automatically fail any other socail rolls for the rest of the scene. The contested roll is a Stamina/Presence + Socialize (Dancer) vs. Resolve + Socialize (Target).

Dance Style: Melbourne Shuffle (● to ●●●●)

Prerequisites: Stamina ●●●, Dexterity ●●, Atheletics ●●

Effect: You have either picked it up from the Shuffle Scene in Melbourne or you’ve been a bedroom Shuffler for a while and finally decided to hit the scene. Shuffling is a dancing style that can impress, improve and implant other peoples ideas of you.

Dots purchased in this Merit allow access to special dancing moves. Each maneuver is a prerequisite for the next. So, your character can’t have “Mimic” until she has “Improvise.” The maneuvers and their effects are described below. All of the following maneuvers work only with bows.

Mimic (●): It’s a sad fact but you always start off by copying others, whether it’s in person or off a video you always learn by copying. This isn’t always a bad thing though, if pulled off successfully you manage to gain their social prowess for the rest of the scene. A contested roll is made that is Stamina/Dexterity + Socialize (Dancer) vs. Stamina/Dexterity + Socialize (Target). If the contest is won then you gain the opponents level of Melbourne Shuffle for the remainder of the scene.

Improvise (●●): You’ve managed to move on from normal Shuffling and figured a way to improve on it, now the Shuffle is your own. You’ve either made your own move or created a style of your own that you can dance to. When Shuffling within the scene you now have every other Shuffler in the room as 2 dot Allies. This last until the end of the scene. This means that they are willing to stand up for you but you might have to buy them a drink later.

Special Mood (●●●): You have now made your own special move, this is more than a style this is a signature move that only you have mastered thus far. This is move might be well known already but you’ve made it your own now. During a scene that this has been activated in you gain a +3 on all social rolls afterwards.

The Zone (●●●●): You have found your pure joy inside of your dance. Now when ever you’re dancing you regain all of your willpower as if it were a well earned rest. You also get a +1 on any physical rolls for the remainder of the scene.

New Merrits

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