Null Mysteriis

The Scientific Crackpots

In 1973 a group of scientist got together after being exiled from most science fields for their theories. At the head of the group was Madame Vinter who studied both sociology and cryptozoology. She was responsible for alot of the research done into the Australian Big Cats. However she wasn’t alone at this time, Benjaimin Moon and his wife Penelopy Moon were exiled from scientific ventures after Benjaimin started to loose his mind. Benjaimin would spend hours trying to work out eleven dimentional physics and ESP. Penelopy on the other hand was merely a Volcanologist and Structual Engineer responsible for the West Gate Bridge incident. Together they were the first members of Null Mysteriis in Melbourne.

After they subscribed to the Monthly they started gaining funding from an unknown source to research into any Paranormal incidents. Quickly they decided to put the money into education, in 1984 they bought a Mansion in Toorak and started the conversion into a University. In total it took 6 months of work all around the clock. Rooms became lecture halls, others converted into Science Labratories. They had so much money that they could afford anything and everything they wanted, the finest medical, scientific and educational tools were at their disposal. They soon had science students choosing their university over major ones, they were laughing back at the people who had laughed at them. New members of staff came aswell, a man known only as Doctor Thyme walked in off the street with a surprizingly remarkable CV. He started teaching within the week, not just at Null Mysteriis though, he taught at several different schools trying to recruit more people to the school. In early 2007 a young boy joined the ranks of staff aswell, he had completed a docterate in Medicine and Micro-Biology. The only thing was he was concidered to be too young to teach anywhere else, this lead to the twelve year old Doctor Edward Lancaster being a member of staff.

Notible Members

Madame Vinter – The Dark Head Mistress of Null Mysteriis University.

Benjaimin Moon – The Mad Proffessor and Head of Education and Lecturer of Metaphysics.

Penelopy Moon – Quiet Volcanologist and loving partner of Benjaimin Moon. (Recently gone Missing)

Edward Lancaster – The Twelve year old prodigy child, Lecturer of Medicine and Biology.

Cornelius Thyme – An outstanding Doctor of every field with a mysterious past.

Charlotte Hilt – A Bitter Post Graduate from another university who recently attained a Grant from Null Mysteriis.

Melbourne Stereotypes

Ashwood Abbey: We really have no affiliation with these… um… er… people I guess you’d say. They have a little too much time on their hands and I think that they would do much better if they actually applied themselves to something other than their… um… er… habits?

Network 0: I know afew of them, there is a small group of them who work from the University. Good natured guys with a lust to show the world what is out there. A bunch of real go getters if you ask me. Just hate to see them get shot down, they need the scientific backing.

The Long Night: Such little respect for research. Everything needs to be checked, double checked, triple checked. They rush in without actually knowing what’s happening. Amatuers.

The Loyalists of Thule: Very studious, very apt in their fields. Just so much of their knowledge isn’t grounded. I’ve invited afew of them to lectures but they never seem to show. Eleven Dimentional Physics would do them a lot of good you know?

The Blackfire Institute: I guess if research is the game then practicing it is winning the game. They have a huge amount of our graduates working in their science department, they are very good place for employment after completion here and alot of them go on to do very well.

Task Force VALKYRIE: One of them came into the University the other day, tall American fellow with a strange glowing blade. Handed me a bag with a human arm in it. Made me sick. Must admit though the arm did have some very interesting qualities to it. I think they just treat us like their research company, must be difficult to be so far from home.

The Cheiron Group: In all honesty we have to admire their science but their methodology is more than a little questionable. Afew graduates go to work their, but they never have any contact with us from there. I get this sickly feeling when I see them walking down the street. I want to know what gives them that look of dispare in their eyes.

Aegis Kai Doru: Wait what? You think you can tap into the magical powers of the universe with an old chalice? Give me that! This is just a normal cup, look it’s made of brass. tink tink Next time actually make an effort. Scoff Magic… please.

Ascending Ones: I admit it, I admire them. The concoctions they create are amazingly potent and can trigger some amazing biological effects. I would love to get my hands on some to experiement with but last time all I got from them was a mixture of arsentic, chlorine and cyonide.

Malleus Maleficarum: I respect their dedication and have always said that Science and faith should stay seperate. They have their agenda and don’t interfer with us, we don’t pester them. I don’t see any reason to cause arguments.

The Family Ward: They have always said that the pen is mightier than the sword… but I think these guys are taking that a bit far. They think that by scribbling little words they can stop people from seeing things or a multitude of things. A word is a word… nothing more.

Null Mysteriis

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