The Long Night

Evanaglists with Silver Tongues and Swords

In 1991 the Melbourne was heading towards an economic slump, people filled with fear and needed hope. A young man from the Americas provided that hope, he told people the evils of the world were bringing down the economy and that the just could stand up and survive. Brother Isaac DeMorea was a very well known man on street corners to start with, then in some minor paper headlines, Christian Circles until finally he set up his Church as a part of the Long Night in 1993. He has around two to three hundred followers and acts as a figurehead for the group. You will see them standing on street corners yelling at passes by to renounce the evil in them or you will see them taking arms against Vampires in the middle of the night. They do it discretely but they tend to target Vampires the most. Small radical groups have taken to destroying new age stores in the area, even posting up flyers about it when they have achieved it. This is not how the group should run in the eyes of Isaac DeMorea though. No, everything should be carefully thought out, if a hunt is going to be made then it will be made descretely so they do not reach media headlines.

They’re main Safehaven is a complex owned entirely by Isaac DeMorea In the northern suburbs. This is the Church of Benediction that stands proud and strong as a holy empire would amoung he slums. Any members, new or old, are welcome into the gates and can be fitted with appropriate things for the hunts. One thing that is common amoung all of the members of the Long Night in Melbourne though is that they do very much believe that Jesus is on their side. One day he will decend from the heavens and take them up for doing the lords work. There are even some rumors that their leader might have an even greater devine connection with Heaven then the rest, a direct link to the Devine.

Notible Members

Isaac DeMorea – Leader of the Long Night in Melbourne

Evelyn Fredrickson – Devoted servant to The Lord and to Isaac

John Smith – Hunt co-orderinator and weapons supplier.

Melbourne Stereotypes

Ashwood Abbey: If only they changed their ways, if they saw the light and left behind the ways of the past they would be a much better society.

Network 0: I don’t think I have much to say about these guys. A few of them are miscriants and they do alot that do not fear anything. A little bit of fear would go a long way for these guys.

Null Mysteriis: Science couldn’t possibly explain the wonders of the world, and so much of science is flawed, the only truth is the bible.

The Loyalists of Thule: I don’t see that we should have any affiliation with a group who collect so much demonic texts. They have a few hundred books that should obviously be banned in the eyes of God.

The Blackfire Institute: These ‘Hunters’ are nothing more than the Devils work, they look to ‘Redeem’ the night. They are infested with deviants and demons, they are gathering forces to cause the apockalypse. They must be stopped.

Task Force VALKYRIE: We have alot of respect for these allies in our fight in the end of times. They are well train and well versed just I wish they wouldn’t be so picky about the law… and maybe if it was Australian law I’d understand.

The Cheiron Group: These demons hide behind the fecade that they might be a good company doing good. But I’ve seen their field agents, they are nothing but demons themselves. The only thing stopping them from being part of our hunt is their legal department. We are currently sending them fliers

Aegis Kai Doru: Why so secretive? Why do they hide their faces, someone who hides so much must have something evil within them. But we will give them the benefit of the doubt for now.

Ascending Ones: They are looking for God in all the wrong places, I have walked into the Phoenix Warehouse in the docklands. Nothing but drugs and guns, is that how God wants us to live? Such peaceful minds with such wrathfilled views.

Malleus Maleficarum: So few of them take action, they meet up and discuss but who really in the end is the winner? Who is the actually doing anything. We act the word of God, they only speak it.

The Family Ward: Ancient evil lives in their words, they hide it from anyone else. Like the Lucifuge they are a lineage of the devil sent down to destroy the world. With all that power they have why not use it to fight? Why just save yourselves when you can save the world.

The Long Night

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